Hi there, I am Jiaqi Guo. Believe or not, this is my personal website.

For almost 20 years I've been a software engineer. Therefore, you will find me babbling a lot about Java, open source and cloud here.

So... why Seattle? I've lived in many places and I'm currently in California. Among them all, for reasons I've been failing to explain to people, Seattle is my favorite location with my favorite weather.

Open source PROJECTS


Interactive command line Java MBean client


Annotation-driven Java command line parser

Maven plugins

Plugins and extensions that help Maven work with AWS


More open source projects in Github


Datamung is a web based service that backs up AWS RDS MySQL database into S3 using Simple Workflow.

The project won Netflix Cloud Prize award in datastore integration category. I went to 2013 AWS re:invent conference to accept the award and prize, of which of course I spent all on the way back to the hotel, since it's in Las Vegas.